About Me

I am a neurophilosopher and writer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. My primary research interests are in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science, the philosophy of science, moral and political philosophy, and the philosophy of religion. I also write on politics, from a conservative point of view; and on religion, from a traditional LDS (Mormon) perspective.

But, do not think that I am just your typical nerd (though I am that also). I am also an avid sports fan, with allegiance to the USC Trojans, Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Yankees, Boston Bruins, and Manchester United. Most importantly, I am also the proud husband of one of the most wonderful women in the world, Eliza Ann LaCour

Areas of specialization: Philosophy of mind, Cognitive science, Philosophy of science, Metaethics, Political philosophy, Philosophy of religion

Influences: David Hume, Willard Van Orman Quine, Hilary Putnam, Daniel DennettBertrand Russell, Francis CrickAlan Turing, Thomas Sowell, Patricia Churchland, Paul Churchland, Paul FeyerabendBlake OstlerSimon Blackburn, John Kekes, Friedrich Nietzsche, Steven Peck

*This blog is named in honor of the book Word and Object by Willard Van Orman Quine
** This blog is edited by Eliza Ann LaCour


  1. Tarkin, I just discovered your blog and I am enjoying what you have to say. I am an attorney and I'm wondering why you want to get a JD. It's very expensive and could shackle you to debt for a long time.

    1. Collin,

      First, my name is Tarik. Second, I am getting a JD in addition to a PhD because I am may not get a teaching position in philosophy and need a fall back plan.

  2. Good evening Tarik:

    I am interested in reading Blake Ostlers writings. Which one would you recommend first? Also if you could direct me to a author that is not LDS that writes extensively of evolution and theology combined I would appreciate it.



    1. Kurt,

      For Blake Ostler his book Fire on the Horizon is the best place to start.

      As for evolution and theology, I would recommend The Language of God by Francis Collins. Collins is a geneticist and an evangelical Christian. Former head of the Human genome project and current director of the NIH.

  3. Thank you. Collins has been referenced a number of times in biblical scholars writing.